• Scales Fine Atrs Center (map)
  • 1834 Wake Forest University
  • Winston Salem, NC

African & Tap Dance is brought to you by GersonLanza Productions and Wake Forest University. The focus of this workshop is for bring together a diverse group experiance and non-experiance dancers who have been calling on their inner creative rhythms. What better way to do it with live african music/dance and tap dancing.

We have design the beginner classes for those who have little to no experiance in dance. We will practice the basics of both African rhythm and tap dance at a pace that everyone will learn and keep up. The two beginner classes are pack with fun excursive and small combos that will get your blood pumping.  

As for the Intermediate/advance is target to work on technic and challenge your current abilities as a dancer. These classes will consist of a longer combos pack with big body movement and intrigue rhythm patters.

The faculty teaching these classes are Gerson Lanza for Tap beginner and Int/Adv. and Georjean More for African Dance. Ms. More will be assisted by Hashim Saleh for live African drumming.

Come out on Saturday, April 26th and GET ON YOUR GOOD FOOT. To register and save your spot visit goodfootworkshop.eventbrite.com 

See you guys soon